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Founded in 2013, the Financial and Banking Association for Euro-Asian Cooperation (FBA EAC) has achieved notable success in organizing business cooperation at the international level. During this time, the Association has formed a community of more than 1400 affiliated members, the Association is represented in more than 50 countries.


The main goal of the Association is to stimulate and strengthen relations between its members, especially in such an unpredictable period. In this regard, the Board decided to create an international digital system "Business Platform", which allows its members to significantly expand business opportunities by forming, in fact, a new sales market - direct sales of goods and services to all accredited participants of the Platform.

The platform will be open to everyone, and preferences are initially provided for the members of the Association. What kind of preferences is up to you.

At the first stage, the Platform will allow you to display products and services  other participants and visitors whom we will attract in the course of our marketing campaign on the Internet.

The primary functionality has already been implemented - the "Market" service with filtering by regions, industries and priorities, and a multilingual interface.

The main advantage of the Platform is complete confidence in the reliability of the supplier of goods or services.


You can find more information about the Association on the official website:  https://www.fbacs.com


Geography of the project


to the development of the Platform


Our team intends to conduct development in a fully open and transparent manner.


If you have ideas, criticism or a desire to take part in the development, we are always open to dialogue.


The whole process of development, implementation and integration of new functionality is documented and open to users of the service through a bug tracker.

In addition, we will publish quarterly reports on project metrics and success.


The system architecture is built using modern approaches to the design of high-load services.


Security policies and rules implemented on all elements of the service provide for multi-level access control and isolation of important information from the outside world.



of the "Deals Platform" service

The Association pays special attention to this project, weekly meetings of the working group are held to determine priorities and strategies for developing the functionality of systems, and form a development plan.

Warning - these plans can be adjusted for objective reasons, for example, based on the results of surveys and user experience or when faced with circumstances of a different nature.

At the moment, in the nearest plans for the development of the Platform:

  • A comprehensive system for supporting joint projects (KSUP), which will allow you to control the progress of work and services provided (for example, construction or finishing of an object, maintenance, exchange of documents, coordination and distribution of tasks between partners).

  • Automation of moderation processes and interaction between process participants - this will significantly reduce labor costs for the presence in the system for both parties.

  • A mobile application with support for PUSH notifications - to increase responsiveness between participants and reduce the time spent on closing a deal


The horizon of the plan for the integration of this functionality is 3 months for development and an additional 3 months for testing.

The next stage is the implementation of services that require significant efforts and an already formed database. Their goal is to further increase the efficiency of work, facilitate the process of forming transactions and projects.

The main subsystems are Geographic Information System (GIS), support services and a project generator:

  • GIS is a geographic information system that allows you to see all processes, participants and projects on a map. In addition, it will allow for logistics calculations.

  • Support services imply the integration directly into the GIS and KSUP of partners - satellites (namely, banks, insurance companies, service and logistics companies). For example, if you need additional financing for a project, insurance or urgent delivery of components, you can fill out an application without leaving the system, while on preferential terms.

  • Project generator is a subsystem that allows organizations to find like-minded people, partners and sponsors to implement their projects and ideas. Not all projects need money, many need competencies or other intangible resources - and those who are interested in the project will be able to provide them in exchange for a share of the projected profit. The subsystem will be closely connected with the KSUP and other subsystems of the Platform.



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